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CBD for Weight Control, Weight Loss & Cravings

With the new year well underway, this is the time of resolutions and new changes. It has been reported that a whopping 27% of Americans make the resolution to improve weight. Whether the goal is to lose or gain weight, that’s only half the battle. Maintaining one’s desired goal weight is a whole other challenge. With CBD this can be possible, CBD has the capability of boosting the metabolism. CBD also can help reduce food cravings by interacting with certain receptors in the body, these receptors are called CB1 and CB2 and are responsible for signaling the brain.

CBD can tremendously help with weight control which in turn can help with maintaining and continuing to sustain your goal weight. In fact, did you know 90% of people who lose weight eventually gain it back? In other words, that means only 1 of 10 people will continue to keep the pounds off. With those numbers, it’s no wonder every year the resolution for many is to lose weight and improve one’s body composition.

CBD in relation to weight is said to convert the white fat cells that are considered bad into brown fat cells. What’s better about this change in fat cells? Brown fat cells help and encourage the body to burn calories whereas white fat cells do not. White fat cells are also known to increase chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Brown fat cells stimulate and break down fat in the body faster. CBD plays into this process by speeding up the transition from white to brown, in turn helping you lose and/or maintain weight.

Keep in mind!

As amazing as the benefits that come from CBD are, note that CBD alone won’t keep the weight off the same away it would with a few other factors. Although, yes, CBD does a tremendous job on its own, consider implementing a proper diet, enough sleep, and consistent exercise. These things are just as important. These factors combined with CBD can offer you incredible benefits. So keep this in mind when starting your CBD journey.

“Hold on.. doesn’t marijuana increase your food/eating intake?”

Now, this is an important conversation and there is quite a difference between marijuana and CBD. Marijuana and CBD are not equal nor the same, in fact they work incredibly differently. CBD decreases the cravings and the body’s appetite which in turn can lower/maintain your weight. As we discussed earlier, CBD is shown to actually brown fat cells which can in turn lower your body weight. Marijuana is shown to often increase the body’s appetite levels and encourage weight gain. It’s no secret that most people associate cannabis with a stimulated appetite, it is said that THC is the factor that makes people hungry. This is why the CBD made by Better Conditions contains 0% THC. We have a zero tolerance to THC being included in our CBD for multiple reasons like avoiding an unwanted high and an increase of appetite.

Something to keep in mind is that not all CBD can provide these weight loss benefits if not made with quality. Comparing CBD is crucial, in other words as an example; picture putting regular unleaded gas in a luxury vehicle. Sure, the car would run but not to its full capacity not to mention long term possible negative effects which in turn would lower the resale value of the car. Top tier vehicles require top of the line gasoline and that’s how we must treat our bodies! Do your research and purchase top quality CBD. Your body will not only thank you but you will also receive the largest amount of benefits and improvement from quality CBD. There’s zero shame in being picky, in fact we at Better Conditions encourage you to do so. We treat our brand just the same, by investing countless hours in ensuring our ingredients are as organic and pure as possible so you can trust what you put in your body.


For weight and appetite benefits we suggest using our digestible products that will give you optimal results. Consider trying out Premium CBD Gummies in flavors such as Green Apple and Strawberry Lemonade. If gummies aren’t quite your thing, try our CBD Tinctures in an arrangement of growing flavors like Orange and Cool Mint. These are fantastic to add to your favorite coffees and teas, making them easy to incorporate into your routine. Our products contain minimal ingredients. For example our CBD oil has only four ingredients! Every product is listed with third-party lab test results, 100% organic, and with premium-grade broad spectrum hemp oil. We believe if you want the best quality benefits from CBD, we need to do our job in ensuring that happens!

We Hope You Feel Better!

Jenny @ Better Conditions

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