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After months of searching high and low for a CBD product I could trust to help with my anxiety, I came about Better Conditions. My name is Jenny Bryant and this is my personal and honest experience with Better Conditions. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of brands with numerous listed ingredients- not sure what is good and what I should avoid. I hope this article can show you a side of CBD you haven't seen before.

Let’s start from the beginning, I often found myself intimidated by the vast variety of CBD companies available, I had questions on THC levels, organic vs non organic, what additional ingredients should I avoid, the list continues. I never felt like I was totally confident in a CBD brand I could fully trust. I read article after article yet still finding myself struggling to find a brand of CBD that fit the criteria and followed the proper safety regulations that I was comfortable with and what I was looking for. Yet even with the various details I was told pertaining to what I should avoid when buying CBD I still felt a quite unclear on what to prioritize for a felt not one company had everything I wanted. I felt as though I had to almost sacrifice certains things that I found of importance because no one single company had everything to meet my requirements. That led me to Better Conditions and how it became the best decision for me. I didn’t have to lower my expectations or requirements on CBD quality, I found myself feeling comfortable with the idea of using CBD in my daily life.

Here are some of the reasons I chose Better Conditions...

  1. Every product is 100% organic, non GMO, and created with all natural ingredients.

This was huge for me since I felt far more comfortable to use products with naturally created ingredients.

  1. Better Conditions is tested by a third-party lab with linked results so you know exactly what is in your CBD. This transparency gained my trust almost instantly, my questions were eliminated and answers were provided.
  2. Every CBD product from Better Conditions is 100% THC free, not a single trace of tetrahydrocannabinol which is what can cause the high sensation. I only wanted to benefit from CBD by reducing my anxiety symptoms, not with an unwanted side effect of a THC induced high.

After a few days, the products had arrived and it was time to put Better Conditions to the test. Let’s discuss the first days and any changes. Surprisingly I felt positive changes as soon as the first three days. My normal anxious thoughts that had become such a constant in my life had begun to calm down and my brain didn’t feel as busy. I was able to operate more productively than I had in MONTHS, I felt my brain wasn’t as debilitated by my never ending anxious thoughts. It was in a new sense.. freeing. I felt calm, not tired or drowsy like other CBD can make one feel. I was impressed by how quickly I began to feel better. Not one odd side effect, it was amazing!

Let’s discuss the product I used, I took 1-2 Better Conditions Premium CBD Gummies daily. Outside of the fact that they tasted delicious (exactly like candy), the benefits were phenomenal. I felt comfortable and confident in using these gummies because of how pure the ingredients were.

After the first week I began to also use an additional product to help with my sleep. I am no stranger to sleepless nights, the nights when you wake up in the morning feeling lethargic and dreading the day. I found myself after those nights of poor sleep resulting in a caffeinated beverage like coffee or a pre-workout. I have made the direct correlation with caffeine being one of the fastest ways to worsen my anxiety during the day. With all this in mind, you can understand why I was so ecstatic to try Better Condition’s CBD Softgels with Melatonin. These softgels are formulated to support the body’s ability to relax and help support a full night's rest, meaning it will help you sleep all night long. With 25mg of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract and 1mg of melatonin, this product is curated to give you the quality level of sleep many of us haven’t had in ages. I truly believe a good night’s rest is the recipe for a great day. No one should toss and turn every night, I learned through this that it is possible to wake up feeling amazing.

When I talk about the first night using Better Condition’s CBD Softgels, it was by far the best night of sleep I’ve had in probably a year. I woke up refreshed, well rested, and I didn’t even feel the need to grab my regular cup of iced coffee. I didn’t feel like I needed an ounce of caffeine to pull me through my day like I always had before. I experienced zero feelings of grogginess and actually found myself looking forward to the next night of sleep.

I can truly say these two products create the perfect combination for me, looking back I wish I had had Better Conditions in my life earlier. For years, I never wanted to result in using an anxiety medication because of the negative symptoms that can come with it so I really wasn’t sure what to do. I felt discouraged, that there wasn’t much I could do to feel better.  After finding Better Conditions, it is safe to say I found my perfect match. This is the best I’ve genuinely felt in a very long time. As a junior in college, academic stress has become no stranger to me. Better Conditions is an all-natural, THC-Free, organic, premium-grade broad spectrum hemp. The way Better Conditions has genuinely changed the way I live my life and let me tell you that it has been amazing, it’s given me hope that anxiety, stress, and mental battles that can come with it don’t have to own you or your day. There is a way to break away from anxiety and feel like the best version of you. I hope hearing my story has given you just an ounce of hope in your life, Better Conditions is here to bring light to the world of CBD in a safe, natural, and accessible way. Check out their virtual store and make sure to write a review and share your story. I know myself and the Better Conditions team would love to hear how these products have changed your life.



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