900mg Orange CBD Oil

Now Certified USDA Organic!
100% THC-Free and Third Party Lab Tested - See Lab Results

Better Conditions Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures are fast-acting, easy to take, and effective. Tinctures are a great introduction to the world of CBD — simply take by mouth as desired, at any time of day. Our CBD Oil Tinctures can also be used in tea, coffee, or any other beverage of your choice, mix it up and have fun with it! There is really no wrong way to take the tincture, as long as it goes in your mouth.

Similar to all of our premium CBD products, our 900mg Orange CBD Oil Tincture is THC-free, meaning you can enjoy all of the benefits of CBD without worrying about feeling a THC-induced high as a side effect. 

Better Conditions' 900mg Orange CBD Oil Tincture is tasty, fast-acting, and easy to take - simply take by mouth as desired, day or night. 1 dropperful will provide you with 30mg of Premium CBD which you can take throughout the day or night as needed. You can increase or decrease this amount based on your personal preference and needs.

As with all of our high-quality products, our tinctures are made with broad spectrum hemp oil and are THC-Free (0.0% THC). This means you can enjoy all of the benefits of CBD without worrying about feeling a THC-induced high as a side effect. Our third-party lab tests ensure that there is no detectable level of THC in our tinctures.

Because we use broad spectrum hemp oil, you also get the benefits of the naturally occurring components of the hemp plant working together with the CBD - known as 'the entourage effect'. When you use Better Conditions' CBD products, you are truly receiving all of the benefits the hemp plant has to offer. This tincture combines organic MCT oil, organic orange essential oil, and organic broad spectrum hemp extract, making it clean and fast-acting.

Take our CBD Oil Tincture throughout the day as needed. Adults take 1 dropperful (1mL) one or more times daily. Put in mouth and swallow - or if you prefer to mix this in with your favorite smoothie, tea, or other beverage of choice, that's a great option too!

Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Organic MCT Oil, Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract, Organic Orange Essential Oil, Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

pure, fast, & effective relief

1. Take 1 dropperful by mouth
2. Enjoy delicious cool mint taste
3. Feel the relief within minutes


USDA Certified Organic
All Natural Ingredients
Vegan & THC-Free
Third Party Lab Tested

Customer Reviews

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My morning pick me up!

I have been switching off working out with peloton and fit with coco classes. Getting back into working out I thought for sure my body would beyond too sore to workout multiple times a week.. BUT with a dropper of this tincture in my morning smoothie, my body is at relaxed. Not only does the tincture help my muscles recover but puts my mind at ease before a busy day. I love the orange, I can put it straight in my mouth and it tastes deliciousness. No horrible after taste like other CBD tinctures I have tried.