Help us help Ellie in her fight against brain cancer

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At just 2 years old, in August 2020, Ellie was diagnosed with a rare aggressive brain tumor, Anaplastic Ependymoma. Ellie and her family are going through something that most of us can’t even imagine, and no person, especially a 2 year old should have to go through. Better Conditions is dedicated to helping Ellie and her family get through this unfathomable journey, so that sweet little Ellie, her mom, dad, and her siblings can get back to enjoying the life they deserve to live.

Better Conditions fundraiser for 2 year old Ellie who is facing a battle with a rare brain cancer. We are raising money for Ellie and her family to help with medical bills and all other expenses to help Ellie stay cancer free! Donating 5% of all sales between December 26 and January 10, shop now to help give back!


Between December 26 and January 10 YOU can be a part of Ellie's success story by shopping at Better Conditions, because 5% of every sale will be donated to Ellie and her family to help with all the medical expenses they are facing while fighting brain cancer. 

Ellie's Story:

In August 2020 Ellie’s parents noticed she wasn’t running around like she used to and something wasn’t quite right with her mobility. She started to walk with a slight limp and stopped using her right hand. After getting an X-ray to check for any fractures they were referred to a neurologist for a full body MRI, and on August 28, 2020 their lives changed forever. Ellie was diagnosed with a rare aggressive brain tumor, Anaplastic Ependymoma.

Doctors found the large tumor on the left side of Ellie’s brain which was pressing on her brain and affecting her motor skills. Doctors were amazed how large it was and that her only symptom was limping. 

Ellie was rushed to the Pediatric ICU at Doernbechers Hospital to have her tumor removed.  She underwent brain surgery for 8 hours and the surgery was successful in removing the tumor. However, the tumor was cancerous and Ellie will need proton radiation and chemotherapy to ensure it is completely gone and won’t come back. 

Ellie will also have to do occupational and physical therapy to help her grow like a normal toddler. The doctors informed the family Ellie might grow up with some learning disabilities and will have to undergo psychological treatment. At 2 ½ years old they already have to think about fertility preservation to enable Ellie to have kids later in life.

Ellie is a very smart and curious little girl. She loves learning, exploring, and will ask the name of every single thing she encounters. Ellie loves the beach, all animals/sea creatures, Halloween & Christmas, bossing around her 12-year old brother Alex, and playing with her pug Lilo that she thinks is funny looking.

Ellie’s mom has been on unpaid leave since her diagnosis to make sure she is with her daughter every step of the way. Ellie gets scared of the beeping noises and being poked by needles so her mom is making sure she is always by her side.

At such a young age Ellie is going through something most people can’t even imagine and no person, especially a 2 year old should have to go through. She has been incredibly brave and has her entire life ahead of her. If you are able to shop today, you'll be helping to make a difference in Ellie's tomorrow. All money raised will go towards helping the family pay for treatments, hospital stays, and all other medical expenses.