Welcome to Better Conditions!

Our mission is to help people feel better inside and out. Why? Because of this beautiful angel in pink - our grandma (Nanny). She is our purpose. She is our "why". We created Better Conditions alongside and in honor of our precious Nanny during her battle with breast cancer, and with one goal in mind - to help you get the relief you need to feel better.

Better Conditions is a family owned business that was created alongside and in honor of our grandma (Nanny) who was facing a battle with breast cancer. We were dedicated to helping her feel better - helping her sleep better, helping reduce her anxiety, and helping with her pain management were our three main goals. This journey led us to creating our own brand that was dedicated to helping other people - you and your family - feel better as well.

Lindsey and Courteney here. 

Welcome to our world - Family and health are everything to us.  I (Courteney) started down my health and wellness journey years ago, when I became a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, but we started down an even more focused wellness journey in 2019 together, as sisters, when we became desperate to help Nanny feel better throughout her battle with breast cancer.

We feel passionately about sharing our journey with you because we have found ways for our entire family to feel better, no matter what the circumstance was. The different struggles we have faced in our family range greatly - from severe allergies, to weight gain, stress, anxiety heavily caused by grief, acne, muscle soreness and tension, and ultimately the side effects of cancer that we watched our precious Nanny suffer through.

We hope that we can help you, your family, your friends, and even your pets learn about the different ways to combat and get relief from things like stress and anxiety, pain and inflammation, trouble sleeping, and so much more. We will share our personal journey with you in hopes of helping you feel better. Reach out to us anytime, we are always happy to chat.

We hope you feel better,
Lindsey & Courteney
Co-Founders of Better Conditions