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Why CBD should be taken everyday to get the maximum benefits

CBD can have some pretty amazing benefits that for a lot of people can take effect very quickly, but can the results you experience change, and even improve, by the amount you take and how frequently you take it? In short, yes!

Research shows that by taking CBD everyday, you will receive the most optimal and maximum benefits. Daily use maximizes the balancing properties of the source from cannabinoids. Echo Connection reported that a consistent use of CBD oil (daily) can help many maintain a sustained level of CBD in the system throughout the day. Something to keep in mind is to understand that maintaining a stable CBD level is made by taking CBD oil regularly, by doing this you may see an increase in the effects of the cannabinoid and the effectiveness of the endocannabinoid system as a whole.

One of the most common reasons people start using CBD is to manage pain. Because of the body's endocannabinoid system, CBD is able to relieve pain by attaching to the cannabinoid receptors in your body and reducing inflammation. And when you use CBD every day, it's likely that you won't have as much chronic pain or overall pain and discomfort throughout your body, which makes CBD a viable natural alternative to pain relievers for many people.

Stress, anxiety, and depression are also some of the most common reasons people take CBD. If you use CBD every day, you'll likely find that you are less anxious, and while CBD shouldn't be taken in place of prescription antidepressants unless directed by a doctor, using CBD in some form on a daily basis could help with managing depression and its symptoms.

But how much CBD should you actually take?

Please note that everyone’s body is different and preference in serving size can vary, but overall survey’s show that many CBD oil users have preferred a serving of about 2-3 times a day.

How long has CBD been around? How much do we actually know about it?

CBD has actually been around for longer than most think, the earliest we can date CBD back to is actually with the Chinese around 2900 B.C. At this time, many civilizations in China utilized cannabis daily for an assortment of treating many conditions. They used it to treat things like muscle spasms, joint pain, even malaria at that time. Now, four thousand years later, we still use CBD and see its incredible effects and benefits. Scientists are still finding new benefits and byproducts that come from CBD.

Whether you’re wanting to incorporate CBD into your daily routine to improve your anxiety or help with pain management, daily use of CBD will provide you with the best results. Just like most things, consistency is key!

One very important thing to note in regards to if you want to take CBD on a daily basis is to ensure the CBD you choose is quality. Quality in CBD makes the biggest difference in your results among other things. What should you look for? Something to note is that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not regulate the CBD industry, despite what many think. Since they do not have a hand in the industry quite yet, the consumer is left to decide for themselves what to purchase. With that in mind, it is extremely important to use both caution and research when looking to test out a new product containing CBD. The founder of Innovative Express Care and emergency medical physician, Rahul Khare said in an article; "Because of the non-FDA approval, anyone can open up a CBD store and process it and try to sell it for a profit, and that's what's happening right now.” Now let’s talk about next steps. When looking for quality CBD consider a few things before you purchase...

  • Your best choice in CBD will come from a company that goes the extra mile to get their products tested from a third-party lab. Third-party lab results will assure you that you are getting unbiased and true results. This is where the company can’t fabricate or have a hand in concealing anything about their CBD to consumers.
  • The less listed amount of ingredients listed, the better. Less is truly more.
  • When you invest in organic, you are investing in YOU.
  • Always check the THC percentage, the FDA won’t so be sure to do this. The best you can find is a CBD product containing exactly 0% THC.

“Now if I take CBD daily, will I become dependent or addicted?”

CBD is not addictive nor carries the components to become addictive. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation confirmed that CBD is not psychoactive and can not become an addictive substance the body would want to rely solely on. THC is what is connected to dependency, not CBD. Instead it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body and encourages the release of endocannabinoids already found in the body. In other words, CBD doesn't produce the high that is associated with THC therefore making the potential for abuse very low and limited. For the safest possible CBD products to take on a daily basis, search for one containing 0% THC, why is that? CBD with not a single trace of THC is proven to be the safest for long term use, this is why Better Conditions holds a strong belief that none of our CBD products should contain even a single trace of THC.

CBD has the capability to health, healing, and wellness, but consistency is key. The results you experience can indeed change by the amount you take and if you take it daily. With that said, we hope this gave you more insight and clarity in the world of CBD.

 Jenny @ Better Conditions 

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