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How to Know The CBD You Purchase Is Quality

When entering the world of CBD, it can be overwhelming to decipher what makes high-grade CBD, what signs when shopping should you look for, what ingredients should you avoid. In an industry with so many different brands to choose from, how do you truly know if the CBD you purchase is quality?

Let’s discuss THC and why you should pay close, attentive detail to it. said consumers should not allow THC levels in CBD products made from hemp to exceed over 0.3%. THC (abbreviated for tetrahydrocannabinol) is what creates an induced high effect, it’s the chemical responsible for marijuana's psychological effects. If this is what contributes to that high sensation, then why would you want even 0.3% of it in your CBD? Here at Better Conditions, we believe 0.3% is far too much. This is why our products contain 0.0% THC, we say you should be able to use our CBD products without repercussions or a fear of THC side effects. We believe CBD products should give you comfort, pain/anxiety relief, and other calming effects without worry - not discomfort or a THC-induced high that you didn’t sign up for. Be wary of low-quality CBD for some of them have the potential to become addictive, this has to do with factors like too much THC which takes a part in this horrible downside some companies withhold from consumers. Better Conditions believe you deserve the right to product transparency. Your trust means everything to us. We understand and believe that you and your loved ones should know exactly what you’re putting into or onto your bodies, and you should feel good about it. We strive to make the introduction to using our products a positive and life-changing experience.

When looking for CBD products, never shy away from viewing third-party lab results (also known as Certificates of Analysis, or COAs). When a company’s CBD products are put to the test in a lab, the truth is hard to ignore. The science is hard to ignore. Keep in mind that not all CBD brands are made equally nor willing to share their results, some even go so far as to have their products “tested” with an affiliated lab. What is the problem with this you may be asking? Well, if a lab is affiliated or funded by the company they test, the results will fall into the company’s favor instead of testing for the sake of the consumer. This results in untrustworthy and inaccurate results. What do all these things mean when CBD companies avoid using third-party labs to test their product? It’s a huge red flag for consumers, a clear sign that there could be things the brand may not want current and future customers to see. It’s so easy to put on the rose-colored glasses but when it comes to your health - ignorance isn’t bliss. The creators of Better Conditions made it clear from the start that we want full transparency with the consumer. Third-party, non-affiliated lab results are provided on our website along with every product. Why do we do this? Because when we started our own CBD journey for our own personal health, we learned it’s one of the most important ways to know and trust what you’re putting in your body when it comes to CBD - and we believe in providing our customers with the quality and transparency that we were unable to find for so long.

Now let’s discuss why organically grown, USA-made Hemp is so crucial. Although not all CBD brands come the same, Better Conditions is strictly organic. Certified organic CBD products aren’t easy to come by, but we only sell CBD that is certified organic. We chose to strictly use organic carrier oils in all of our premium CBD oil tinctures. Our mint is made out of organic olive oil and orange zest (coming very soon) is also certified organic. Our orange tincture uses organic MCT oil.

Now, you may ask yourself why doesn’t every CBD company use organic oils?

Organic essential oils are more expensive, but as the customer, you truly get what you pay for. Not to mention, organic oils are much safer.

As Emily Kyle writes in her 4 STEPS TO CHOOSING A SAFE CBD PRODUCT blog post, the FDA has no oversight over products containing CBD, this means companies in our industry have a large amount of freedom when it comes to how their business is conducted. Better Conditions does not take this lack of regulation by the FDA as a shortcut, instead, we believe our focus on the quality and safety of our CBD products makes us different from the rest.

In this industry, we find that the responsibility of finding safe CBD is unfairly put into the hands of the customer when it really should be the responsibility of companies like ours. Companies that are responsible of selling these CBD products. At Better Conditions we believe that we should be the ones to ensure safety, not the other way around. So let’s review some key components and what consumers should look for when shopping for CBD products:

  • Take notice of the additional ingredients listed (this is where you can often spot additives you never knew were included).
  • It’s important to check if there is a certificate of analysis, if there is none - this is a tell-tale sign of potential safety and quality concerns. Always be diligent in making sure the lab results are included and don’t be afraid to review them.
  • Always ensure that your CBD is not only organic but certified organic, the difference is crucial. Remember, when a product is labeled certified organic this makes a substantial contribution to the level of safety in your CBD.
  • Never forget to ensure there’s a 0.0% trace of THC (unless you prefer otherwise, in which case you may want to go the Full-Spectrum CBD route). THC is what causes a high - which is known to show up on drugs tests, can become addictive, and comes with many other potential side effects.

Looking for the best and safest products containing CBD can be painfully challenging, we understand how tough this can be - we’ve been in those shoes. That is why we created our company, we believe the search for premium CBD products should not be a daunting one. Our standard of safety and quality is beyond the norm and we can’t wait for you to try our products so you can feel the difference yourself. We’ve spent countless hours perfecting each product before we brought them to our virtual storefront. Why do we do all of this? Because we believe you deserve a high-quality, premium-grade CBD you can trust.

From our family to yours, we hope you feel better!


Jenny at Better Conditions

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